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Beta Test Review

Beta Test is the latest to base a film around the connection of video games to the real world previously attempted with "Gamer" from a few years past. The film revolves around Creed (Manu Bennett) which was the initial pusher of using video game controlled people for good and eventually gets trapped within the machine. On the other side of the action is Max (Larenz Tate) the pro gamer that gets to test Sentinel's latest game. Things take a turn for the worse as it seems that the worlds collide as Max begins to discover the scary truth behind this new beta test. It was actually a fairly interesting setup and the stakes were high for all parties involved as there was more going on than just the game itself. Being a gamer I was actually quite pleased with the display of the connection between the two as it made sense for both parties involved in this testing which would make regular people just assume it was a game. The actual gameplay wasn't bad either capturing the scenes well to a point where that could be a realistic game. I do however wish there was a bit more focus on the missions introduced in the film and I wasn't a huge fan of the direction for the latter half of the film.

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The acting in the film was mostly well done as there were some well done emotional scenes with what was going on and the response for the both sides of the game was great. The supporting actors were a bit stiff at times and it would have been better if they weren't so cliché in their roles. I also found Creed's voice a bit too tense during his regular scenes whereas it matched his "game" sections well. It was also odd that at times where it should have still been somber they were joking about things so the mood definitely could have been a bit darker as well. The cinematography was decent with some well done action shots and the comparison of game to real life moments were placed perfectly which added great tension to the scenes.

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The Conclusion

Beta Test was an alright film and probably the best take on the video game to real world concept. There were well done moments of tension and emotional scenes as well which I wish weren't quickly replaced with comedic tones as it could have held a deeper impact. The shots connecting the game and the real world were also well done for extra tension without causing a disconnect from the situation. Some of the messages of the film were alright as well, yet a bit too preachy in some aspects which clouded the core concept the film was attempting to display. It was well acted, an enjoyable film and something gamers would appreciate as well for the most part.

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Rating Overall: 7.3

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner