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Swiss Army Man Review

The movie is about a friendship between a man, Hank (Paul Dano) and a farting corpse Manny (Daniel Radcliff). If you haven’t done any research into the movie you might think it’s about a guy in the Swiss army. I assure that this isn’t case. The movie actually gets its title from Manny having special powers and Hank uses him as kind of a multi-tool or Swiss army knife, hence Swiss army man. The Movie starts off with Hank stranded on an island all alone after a shipwreck. He was about to hang himself as his fate began to sink, when a farting corpse Manny floated to the island to save him in a matter of speaking. Eventually Hank and Manny end up in the forested area of the island to survive. It turns out that Manny’s body has magical powers from farting and being used as a jet ski to shooting a grapping hook from his mouth to climb up the mountain.

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As the movie progresses Hank and Manny’s relationship grows as well with all the time they spend together. Manny starts becoming human again to an extent; Hank helps Manny get some memories back by showing him a picture of this woman Sarah (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) on his phone, then dresses up as her and makes props to act on, such as a city transit bus, a drive in theatre, and a house which was an interesting scene. Hank has to re-teach Manny everything all over again as he doesn’t have any memories such as how to treat women or be civil. This leads to some crude humor such as what to do with a sports illustrated and many gassy moments. As the two bond they get closer over and this created some heartfelt moments within the film.

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The Conclusion

Swiss Army Man was a nice movie with beautiful scenes and crazy props. Radcliff’s performance as Manny the farting corpse was excellent and Dano’s performance of a shipwrecked Hank looking to get home was great. Dano and Radcliff’s chemistry on the big screen worked really well, it was like the two have been in movies together their whole life. If you like some light crude humor this is the movie for you and you’ll be laughing the whole time. With good laughs, an enjoyable story, a solid theme for a movie as well as some heartfelt moments, Swiss Army Man was a good and enjoyable movie.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

Reviewed by: Dylan Mackey

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey