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The Purgation Review

The Purgation is the story of when a group of kids went into an old abandoned insane asylum to record a film and something somewhat chases them. After an extended and awkward scene with youth actors it picks up years later following the only half alright survivor of the group named Iris (Tiffany Kieu). That's about as far as the story cares to go or even make sense as it becomes the most convoluted mess of a film I've ever seen. It's actually the worse reviewed piece of media on the site if you look down below and it's abysmal. It started off decent enough with the starting group having some rough patches, but eventually just led nowhere. There were also some odd plot lines that were loosely put together with a number of scenes that just didn't come together. Not only that, there were some twist elements to it though that only works if it's actually surprising or even made a bit of sense.

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Aside from the awful general design of the story, the acting and film direction was horrible. The supposed horror aspects were not scary being almost comical in how they were shot and there was never any suspense. Even during really tense moments I was just sighing as it didn't have any terror to it. The action scenes were also horrible edited with terrible effects at every turn. The atmosphere was alright I suppose, but the story lines didn't do anything with them. It was just some odd wandering around through various rooms without any sort of real adventure happening.

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The Conclusion

It's somewhat hard to review this film as there wasn't anything going on and I wasn't sure what I even watched. It was the worst film I've ever seen in my entire life and the worst reviewed item on the site. It was a pointless journey that never tied together at any point with turns that I just went along with until the pointless end. The scenes were poorly filmed with even worse execution and none of the actors felt into it any point. I guess the main character had a moment, but was mostly stiff only being a tad bit better than the bland people around her. It's best to ignore this film and hopefully someday I can forget the horror of watching this.

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Rating Overall: 0.5

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