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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Review

The fifth entry in the Mission Impossible franchise may very well be the best of them all in terms of both story and action. Time has passed since the last going out party for the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) and Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has spent much of his time hunting this syndicate which is a rogue nation. Compiled of past intelligence agency members this group is essentially the anti-IMF as they put it. Things go bad for Ethan when his intel location is compromised while the IMF also gets closed down and absorbed into the CIA. This puts Hunt out into the wild alone and he'll stop at nothing to find the syndicate.

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Of course being a Missions Impossible film there are many crazy and ever growing stunts being pulled off. From chasing a cargo plane, to jumping into an enclosed water server and even going after a head of state. It's elements like this that keep the action going throughout the film though there's always a deeper story involved as well which creates a great plot line. Other movies take action to extremes without a point and everything is always well crafted in these films. This one was particularly good as the plot between the two main minds Ethan and syndicate leader was fascinating as they did tug of war throughout. There was also great tension with the action as some moments really drew you in and almost no one felt safe. I also liked how this film continued many of trademark scenarios that make them "Mission Impossible" while also growing out and trying new things with the franchise. With examples of the rubber masks, doing some sort of chip switch and spoiler intense openings.

I did feel in terms of the syndicate that Hunt was battling against that it didn't have enough scale to it while still causing effects on a large scale. For how many people are attached to this project I was expecting a larger arch though it went towards the classic one villain type leader. Another great aspect of this film was handling the enemy or ally scenario with Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) as the female lead. Her addition to the film created extra suspense and also an intricate part of the plot while still not making her a weak aspect of the film. The other usual cast members from previous films were also back in this one with Simon Pegg taking an even larger part this time around. This was great since he provides the best comedic relief, especially with his quick Halo 5: Guardians playtime at the CIA which was hilarious. Other members such as Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames were also great in this film alongside Alec Baldwin at the CIA.

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The Conclusion

This was the best of the Mission Impossible series blending action, comedy and general enjoyment perfectly for the experience. It has all the staples of the series while also building those out further. The stunts were insane, though I honestly have no idea how they can continue to take those further than in this time. I really enjoy this franchise and while all the others were decent this was really well done. The intricacy of the plot was deeper than I anticipated so there was great thought to the movie while you also could just enjoy the action. Looks like it'll be the best action movie of the year for sure.

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Review for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation at Theater with Dolby Atmos

Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner