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Sun Choke Review

Sun Choke is a creepy film for sure though not horror in the purest sense of it. Following the character Janie (Sarah Hagan) you quickly discover that she suffered from a violent psychotic episode and is now being given treatment. This treatment of sorts if rather bizarre in design looking as though it might be causing more damage than good and being on the edge of torture. The caretaker of Janie and the one that sends out these commands towards her is Irma (Barbara Crampton) which has been a lifetime nanny of Janie's. The story is told from the close perspective of Janie and all the crazy things she sees within her head. It's actually really well shot with some great cinematic views and you definitely see good development for why Janie has issues. Things are improving for Janie despite the alarming methods, but this all gets quickly pulled down when an obsession grows towards a lady named Savannah (Sara Malakul Lane). This creates a spiral effect and we get to see an unleashed aggression and the full extent of this treatment's effects.

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I found the acting to be well done with Sarah capturing the quiet yet perfectly creepy Janie perfectly. She really dove into the character offering a good glimpse into all sides of someone with a deteriorating condition. The nanny was also very creepy with not only her methods, but the delivery of them as well. I found that Savannah could have been a bit better at times being more frightened perhaps of the situation she was in. The cinematography was really great having some very stylized shots and particularly creepy angles. There was also a creepy and well done sense of tension throughout the film. As it isn't quite a horror film there are graphic scenes and many chilling sections that had an unsettling effect to them.

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The Conclusion

Sun Choke was a tense and chilling film that dove into the scene of a lady with deep mental issues. It's largely quiet showing off its narrative in mostly silent moments whether that would be flashbacks or stalking. Most of the film is also open for interpretation as nothing is clearly told and you're going to have to come up with your own theories on particular areas. It also never holds back with its violence or path of destruction carrying many reoccurring themes and to see this broken lady carry out what she's seen. There was also a point where I thought she might stray from where things were headed, but nope. Sun Choke paints a picture well though it may not be for everyone as doesn't hold your hand, but encourages you think about the situation and thoughts Janie is processing.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

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