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Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four Review

Doomed! is a documentary on the untold story surrounding the never released Fantastic Four film from 1994. This was a bad time for Marvel films with multiple disappointments in the era and this film was set to be a low budget job. For those unaware this movie was set to release well before the announcement of Fox's first take on the franchise and that in itself had a direct influence on its future. The film itself is largely regarded as one of the worst takes on Marvel properties being given a cease and desist before released while also being scolded by many of the Marvel higher ups including the legendary Stan Lee. That aside the film was shot in its entirety with a focus on an actual release. The documentary tells the tale of this movie right from the start of production towards the very end. It's an interesting look of the Fantastic Four film that does a solid job of mixing the various clips, stills and interview shots in order to produce a fascinating piece. This really will cover any and all questions about the film including what exactly happened along the way that made the original Fantastic Four take never come to light.

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For the documentary they were able to basically get all the key players of the original film together for interviews. This was great to help tie the story together by having almost all accounts of the film. You get to see the sides of the actors and what they were going through during the production. They also were able to round up some of the producers, editing managers and even an on-set journalist to name some of people involved. It's actually somewhat sad to see so much dedication being put into something and by everyone's thought that this would be a big deal not only for the actors, but the production company as well. For the most part I quite enjoyed the experience being engaged for the majority of it, but I did feel that it started to wane a bit towards the end getting slightly repetitive. This was fine though as I felt a learned a great deal about this movie while also being entertained.

The Conclusion

Doomed! was an insightful documentary that did a great job in gathering information on a film that was apparently never meant to be released. It goes over all aspects of its production from a humble start of passion with the script, to the actors themselves pushing its promotion and finally the impending eventual doom it faced. If you enjoy comics books or even have heard of this original take on The Fantastic Four then you'll definitely find this to be a fascinating collection of its history.

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Review for Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four at Home with Streamed Viewing
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Rating Overall: 8.0

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