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Clowntown Review

Clowntown is somewhat of a horror film based around a group of people that end up in a town that's run by clowns. It's somehow completely deserted yet not as people just stay inside at night or something? Rather odd, though that's the general gist of the movie. It starts off with this weird and out of place scene to get people ready by having a string of babysitters having "accidents" and we witness one. Things kick off many years later with a group of friends on their way to a concert and that's mentioned many times. They get distracted as one of their party loses their cell phone and everyone heads over to this odd town to wait for a guy that says he has it. For whatever reason the two couples of this party wait around all day until night time and then everything goes wrong. The squad is greeted by another couple people and then clowns start appearing. While these clowns were intended to be scary they came across as comical with some insanity.

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There were some levels or gore in the film as the clowns did attack the people though with rough cuts it didn't quite come across well. The acting in the film was also below average I'd say being boring most of the time and filled with out of place dialogue. The story also wasn't really there as some things developed though nothing particularly made sense. Events felt random throughout the film and it just wasn't good. The clowns also somewhat played around with some of the people, but that didn't make sense as nothing happened with them. It was just very awkward for the most part and I never got the point of what the film was trying to develop. While it wasn't very scary or tense I will say that the lighting was top notch. Despite being night time I never felt anything was too dark and the illumination in many portions of the film was great.

The Conclusion

Clowntown was not a very good film, it's hard to discuss as there just wasn't anything to it. A group of people with some minor things going on in their life head over to an empty town and some clowns attack. That's about it, they did try some background into the clowns and even that was ridiculous. Often when attempting to be scary it just didn't feel right and the overall film was quite boring. I also found many choices of the group to be illogical and in a time of great horror films this one just didn't come close to having the same effect of recent movies in the genre. It was more goofy than anything and even with the gore elements it wasn't great with some fast cuts or just poorly done sections that never came together to form a cohesive movie.

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Rating Overall: 2.5

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