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Bridget Jones's Baby Review

Bridget Jones’s Baby is the third installment in the Bridget Jones series. The movie picks up 10 years after the second entry left off. After breaking up with her “off again, on again” boyfriend Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) is left over 40 years old and single. At this point Bridget decides to focus more on her career and social life. While on a work trip, Bridget bumps into an attractive American Jack (Patrick Dempsey) and her love life is reignited. Her life couldn’t be better until she discovers that she is pregnant. Now the confused mother-to-be doesn’t know if Mark or Jack is the father of her child. It brings a number of funny moments about Bridget trying not to tell Jack or Mark about the other one. Unfortunately some things happen to Bridget and she has to deal with being alone during her pregnancy.

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I rather enjoyed the cinematography of the movie. It had nice views from the United Kingdom country side to the old streets. There wasn’t much CGI in the movie, but the CGI the movie did have fit well into it, you don’t really notice it at all. Bridget Jones’s Baby was actually a fairly enjoyable family movie, and a good comedy. The movie was also able to keep the interest of the audience throughout the whole film. The acting felt really well into the movie. Colin’s and Renee’s acting was spot on and felt right where it belonged, after doing the Bridget Jones’s series. It felt that the new comer to the series Patrick Dempsey fit in really well with the overall feel of the movie. The supporting actors were really good, everything about Bridget Jones’s Baby, just felt complete.

The Conclusion

The Conclusion Bridget Jones’s Baby was a great movie; it covers all the bases about being over 40 years old and having to deal with pregnancy on your own. The cast as a whole went well together, from the main roster to the supporting actors to the one time cameos included in the film. I truly believe that Bridget Jones’s Baby was one of the best comedies I have seen this year thus far. It was a nice family movie that anyone could enjoy. Having not seen the prior films in the series I feel like the ending was a letdown. But for long time fans of the series I’m sure they will find the ending that they always wanted. I would recommend this movie to others.

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Review for Bridget Jones's Baby at Theater with Standard Viewing
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Rating Overall: 7.8

Reviewed by: Dylan Mackey

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey