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Incontrol Review

Incontrol is about a group of University students that happen upon a device that one could only describe as mystical in how it functions. The device grants the user, which attaches two wires to their forehead the ability to jump in and control anyone else. It's an interesting concept for sure, definitely unique and explored well within the film. The device has been used for awhile now as we jump into the group following late comer Sam (Anja Savcic). She has a fairly typical university life going about her day studying, working and dealing with a disappointing home life. Things change quickly as she's invited into this group based on her reports on certain social concepts and that's explored further throughout the film. It's actually rather intriguing seeing each of the members interact with the machine and test its limits. I was also pleasantly surprised with how fast the film got to the point in describing what it does instead of having a long build-up. This means that we jumped right into its usage and seeing the effects it has on it's users.

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I did quite enjoy Incontrol finding it to have a good balance of excitement and steadily growing the story around the device's limits along with questions about its general use. The film also looks great with some very well done cinematic shots having a very calming mood to it all. I did find that at times it wandered a bit though and it did drag slightly towards the ending. That aside it was shot well, the performances were all solid with the lead capturing her character perfectly and it kept my interest throughout.

The Conclusion

I definitely found Incontrol to be an interesting and well executed concept. It did a great job of going into great detail about what the device was immediately and allowed us to explore its limits by seeing how the group interacted with it. This in regards to what they did while in the bodies of others or in the outside world after using it. There were also some more interesting twists to it that I didn't at all expect. Despite looking great with some nice cinematography it did linger a bit too much in some scenes and the ending was a bit dragged out as it could have been summed up quicker. That aside Incontrol was great and explores some unique concepts around taking control of others with what effect that can have on people.

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Rating Overall: 8.2

Calgary Film Festival 2016 Showings:
Saturday September 24, 9:15pm (Globe Downstairs)
Tuesday September 27, 4:15pm (Globe Downstairs)

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