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American Ultra Review

I didn't expect too much going into American Ultra and I came out of it getting more or less exactly that. It didn't blow me away with spectacle feats, but it was still somewhat entertaining. It had some great comedic moments with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart somehow having great strange chemistry to make their whole romance thing work. They're another one of those weird and messed up couples which works well for this movie. Basically Mike (Jesse) is a sleeper agent from a closed program which has been sitting around wasting away his life in this town he's afraid to leave. A CIA director of sorts played by Topher Grace has decided to clean up this old project and kill Mike.

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This is where Mike is then activated and the fun begins. This movie takes the whole agent thing to a more realistic level while still being a tad out there. Most kills are done with an assortment of basic weapons just lying around, but there are some aspects that were not quite possible. There were also many dramatic moments and some surprises which were too easy to guess in advance when watching, but changed things up. It was also funny to an extent though some moments I was puzzled at why someone in the situation would do certain things which is even pointed out in the movie itself. Even by the end I found it hard to think of Jesse playing an intense agent, it just really seems off to me. I find it even stranger that Topher keeps ending up with agent or CIA like roles which don't quite make sense with him either. It also seems that he plays the villain far too often since he never plays that role well.

The Conclusion

American Ultra was an entertaining film that had its comedic moments though average all the same. The fighting scenes were well done with some great basic weapon kills despite overwhelming force and it was great to see a hero take some damage as well. It was a decent movie and really felt like Adventure Land 2: With Guns, but I do like the messed up chemistry these two main actors have for some reason. I'm sure we'll see more of it overtime as they're both relatively young. The movie will give some laughs and good action, just doesn't have anything too special about it.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner