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The Accountant Review

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a math savant that's been brought up with a troubled childhood which has shaped him into a rather deadly individual. He exhibits many obsessive traits and while some may look negatively upon it the film aims to change this perspective in its own way. Wolff is built up to be this special accountant that goes to dangerous settings in order to do jobs where others just aren't tough enough and this aspect is shown from the Treasury's Crime Enforcement's view. They've been investigating the accountant for some time and this side of the story is mainly there to help flesh out who he is. After being told that forces are closing in on him, he's given a legal project to work on from his mysterious "handler". This project is the core of the story as the robotics corporation has had some money issues and the accountant begins to sort it out. During this brief search into the company Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick) is introduced and the two somewhat awkwardly hit it off. Dana was the original employee that noticed issues with the company's money and the two work together to solve what's been happening.

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While the initial description I've given might have been odd it gives just enough details to give you an idea of how everything gets set up without spoiling anything. Wolff is a calculated man and this comes up often during the many sequences where he deals with the dangerous side of investigating the corporation. I attribute the story to being similar to that of John Wick where it's a guy that goes about living his life and is thrown into a situation that he needs to shoot himself out of. While the two are not exactly the same I felt they carried similar traits. Affleck plays the character very well presenting a closed off individual that brings somewhat of a funny view into all situations instantly making others awkward. It's actually done in an interesting way and there's some great depth to the actual character that's shown in well pieced flashbacks. The best parts were actually when you could see him calculating thoughts or solving things in a particular way.

The Conclusion

The Accountant is a straight forward action film and that worked fine for it. The film was never bothered by pushing any sort of side narratives bringing an exciting story and well choreographed action sequences. It also presented many stiff scenes which were perfect for the character and the numbness Affleck brought suited Wolff well. This might not have been the most plot heavy of films, but it did have a decent story with some turns and action that matched it.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

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