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My Dead Boyfriend Review

My Dead Boyfriend follows Mary (Heather Graham), a woman meandering through life until she arrives home one day to find her boyfriend or basically just guy she lives with is dead. This doesn't particularly shake her at all and just deals with it as he wasn't a very interesting individual. Eventually she has to deal with his ashes along with some of his possessions. This then kick starts an odd journey into his life as begins to go through his things and explore his life. It actually turns out the guy did a variety of crazy things and knew a ton of people. This mostly included women and Mary ventures about very casually meeting all these people. It all sort of comes together at certain points being an odd, but decent film.

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The film is also based off the novel "Dogrun” by Arthur Nersessian and it does contain some narrative type structuring at certain points to create that point. There are also some whimsical scenes where cartoon people show up in the film and that was never quite explained. It could be just a part from the book or that she was high during those certain moments. They also captured the 1990s time period well having many throw back items and styles from that time which is actually a fair bit back at this point. The acting was fine with some quirky characters though everyone just somewhat wandered throughout the story and it was a very casual way of displaying it.

The Conclusion

My Dead Boyfriend was had a decent story that worked itself together in an orderly fashion and also brought some laughs in. Being a focused comedy I thought there'd be a bit more laughs though perhaps they just didn't land with me. I did find the whole casual way in which she handled the boyfriend's death to be humorous. It was slightly odd that she wasn't doing more in life considering the wide range of talents that were displayed throughout. Instead many opportunities just seemed to present themselves on her adventures with the ashes and suppose getting out there in life created them.

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Rating Overall: 6.7

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