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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review

I actually did enjoy the first Jack Reacher with it being a decent action film where Reacher (Tom Cruise) just went around dealing his own version of justice. This sequel takes that original concept and starts off fine, then nose dives by making it into somewhat of a family film. It was just completely unnecessary to do so as the character is enjoyable by himself. I was also fine with Cobie Smulders being his partner in this one adding another combatant, it was just with the addition of this child that completely ruined things. It went from being a serious series into something more of a generic wow, that kid has some tricks up their sleeve sort of adventure.

The story starts off with Reacher handling a Sheriff involved with human trafficking in a charming and decent start to the film. After the arrests are made he gets interested in this Major Turner (Cobie Smulders) and the two exchange calls with him finally heading over to DC to meet her. At this point she's been taken into military police custody and there's a cover-up happening regarding some sensitive details that she had been overseeing. The two eventually hit the road and begin to uncover what's happened while taking on the many freelancers sent after them.

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The plot does sound fine, it's just that it's filled with cliché moments and has extreme pacing issues. I felt incredibly bored through many portions of the film which is not good for a supposed adrenaline filled ride. The action scenes were well done having great combat and some fun aspects as well with Cruise being charming as usual. It just hit a hitch with some weird emotional targeted scenes with the same awful evoking background tune that was probably played at least ten times throughout. The connection between Reacher and this young girl they wander into was just plain weird, there's also no reason for how strong their connection grew after knowing each other for a few days at most over the course of the film.

The Conclusion

I wish I could go back as I do recall enjoying the first film as decent action movie and this one takes the series in a bad direction. It was actually incredibly disappointing in multiple ways and honestly was painful to sit through. The right elements were there for a great experience, but once again I felt the kid was absolutely unnecessary and the over used family elements took away from the plot. Not to say that the actress of Sam (Danika Yarosh) which was the young girl didn't act well, it's just the character that wasn't needed. Tom Cruise once again captures the role successfully bringing excitement, charm and badass actions but this is negated by a movie that just didn't come together.

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Rating Overall: 4.2

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