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Krampus Unleashed Review

Krampus Unleashed opens with a group attempting to discover a supposedly hidden treasure in the middle of the desert. Despite almost giving up they do stumble upon a small chest filled with a cloth and a rock. While they were initially disappointed one of them eventually realized just what this rock was, only it was too late as Krampus was upon them. It was a solid start showing off the terror and mostly just how vicious this creature is. The time jumps to the modern age with two families heading to their grandparent's home for Christmas. One family is the typical "good" group and the other are more along the lines of bad people. The bad group also has this just far too over the top obnoxious son that was grating quite honestly. There's also some smaller groups involved within the town and they get introduced at the start as well doing their own things.

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Eventually the family groups come across that stone once more in an odd fashion when they're leaving from trying to pan gold. It was one of those, "wait, what's that!" moments which was hilarious considering how out in the obvious open it was. Examples such as that throughout the film somewhat ruined things with many laughable elements. The story was also fairly weak being almost completely random at times. The strongest element present was the gore and effects for when Krampus went to work which were great. The level of gore was fantastic with some well shot scenes. It was also a very dark film with little illumination and while other films are aiming to improve low level lighting there was none of that here. I also felt the acting was a bit weak from the group with little emotions despite the traumatizing events that were happening around them.

The Conclusion

Krampus Unleashed is a great slasher film having well done elements of gore, but other than that there isn't much to it. It features a very weak story with laughable plot moments and a weak set of characters. The "bad son" was obnoxious to an unbelievable level and I typically never single out characters. This wasn't the strongest of films, but for those looking at watching a creature (Krampus) go around killing everyone regardless of their morality then this is will provide just that.

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Rating Overall: 4.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner