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Doctor Strange Review

I'm once again pleasantly surprised by a Marvel film and furthermore that they were able to bring a character that not many people know to life perfectly. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a brilliant neurosurgeon that's a bit on the cocky side when saving lives doing so with perfect performance. His entire life gets thrown upside down after suffering a car crash (distracted driving is killer) that permanently damages his hands. Shaking and broken he exhausts all forms of western medicine eventually stumbling upon a mystical place from which he might be healed.

This starts his journey into becoming the sorcerer supreme as he works his way into the realm of the mystical by learning. This was done swiftly showing his dedication to knowledge while also doing a bit of the you must perform techniques that were fun to watch. I also loved the use of pure magic in this movie in that they embraced the mystical side of things with no limitations. There were many scenes that brought a wow factor to them as the world shifted to the will of sorcerers. Many of the scenes were beyond comprehension at times and I can't wait to take another look at the background after watching it this first time. The combat was also exciting with bright rays of color from their impossible tools and weapons clashing.
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The pacing felt great with just the right amount of time being spent on who Strange is, where he comes from and just building this character. They've clearly shown that Strange will be a major player in the universe and teased an exciting future setup. I also found the supporting cast to be well integrated with Christine (Rachel McAdams) Strange's somewhat love interest being a fun and carefully used addition whereas Tilda Swinton brought The Great One alive with a modern, yet exciting take.

The villain Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) was also much more deadly than the typical ones we've come to expect in the universe thus far. I was also quite satisfied with the general plot of the film and I never thought a Groundhog Day type event would factor into a Marvel movie what so ever.

The Conclusion

Doctor Strange brings a whole new dimension to the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a fresh face that sends us off in a completely new direction. This whole multi-dimensional side of the world is exciting being a trippy, yet fascinating experience. It opens up limitless possibilities and I can't wait to see Strange return in the future.

They also did a fantastic job of doing the origin while not being entirely focused on just that, getting us into the action fast. Cumberbatch was charming, funny and a great fit for the one with the magical cape. That cape in itself is basically a character being full of life and along the lines of a new magic carpet. Those that can't get enough of the Marvel movies will once again be thrilled here and will also be glad that it builds off into a distinct direction.

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Review for Doctor Strange at Theater with Dolby Atmos Viewing

Rating Overall: 8.2

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