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SiREN Review

SiREN is a mythic type horror film that follows a bachelor party that goes from some light drinks mixed with mind altering shrooms to a supernatural club. The groom Jonah (Chase Williamson) gets taken aside for a special experience while the rest of his crew sits back and chats with the club owner Mr. Nyx (Justin Welborn). Jonah's experience is a bit more than he could have imagined being greeted with the lovely siren songs of the Lily (Hannah Fierman). After an incredible show he's certain that she's being locked away against her will and decides it's best to free the young lady. That turns out to be a mistake as she takes a liking to him and is actually a demon that likes to rip people apart.

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It was definitely a different kind of horror that lends itself more towards being lighter in that sense with some comical moments. There certainly is great levels of gore present and a rather interesting scene where the demon really gives it to the poor groom. The shots were well done and despite most of it being shot at night you could clearly tell what was happening. The CGI elements were minimal and blended in well with the film. The story was also a bit darker than I would have imagined going into it with many fun surprises along the way.

The Conclusion

SiREn is certainly unique with a lead demon that shines as Lily was quite an interesting and fun character. There were many surprises in the film and the direction was completely unexpected as I hadn't read into it much before watching. The horror elements were well done and the settings captured the theme well with the supernatural club particularly shining. Overall a decent horror film that's unique, sets itself aside from the rest and has a strong demonic presence taking point.

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Rating Overall: 6.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner