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The Revenant Review

The Revenant is the ultimate man versus nature film where Hugh Glass (played by Leonardo Di Caprio) literally has the worst of events fall upon him while he leads a group of trappers looking for pelts. There's also the dynamic of him watching out for his mix bred son and the poor treatment of those people during the time. Also working against Glass is John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) which has a problem with the native people due to past experience with them. While they're on decent terms a number of events quickly changes the situation and brings out the worst in the latter. The story starts out with smooth cinematics that are a mix of current events and some of the past to establish the setting. From there things get really aggressive through a series of events and of note an intense bear fight. This was one of the most tense and graphic scenes of witnessed in a movie with the scars of that scene being present throughout the entirety of the film. Moving onward the story continued with what almost got to a repetitive state of Glass being overwhelmed by both natural entities and human appearances from multiple factions.

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The performances on all ends of the spectrum were well done and Di Caprio went absolutely all out with this title. I was surprised at the tenacity and general crazy amounts of emotion that he was putting into this role. The settings of the film looked absolutely beautiful and it had a very realistic feeling in terms of the scenery presented. I also enjoyed the amount of depth they went into making it feel like every aspect of nature was crashing on him and that this was a very creative individual. The film was also very graphic and will definitely make some individuals perhaps uneasy if that's not their sort of thing. It's a great time piece film that really captures the era and shows the perspectives at all sides. I felt near the ending of the film that it was stretching on a tad too long and that the amount of things that Glass had witnessed or survived through got to a ridiculous point.

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The Conclusion

The film is stunning in terms of painting the time well and brings alive the natural scenes. It was a very graphic film that brought out some of the most intense acting I've seen from all parties involved and it did a great job of showing multiple perspectives from the factions present. The length of the film could have been shorter as it felt like things were dragging along by the end and there was definite repetition in the survival of Glass despite the worst of conditions. Battling with the bear was one of the more graphic scenes I've witnessed in a movie and it felt gripping when the combat was going on since it was a fairly extended section. The Revenant was a solid survival movie showing some intense spirit of the character as survived through the worst of conditions.

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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner