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Bad Kids of Crestview Academy Review

This is a standalone sequel that follows a group of privileged students that were sent to Saturday detention. Things are not all what they seem as one student Siouxsie (Sammi Hanratty) has seemingly orchestrated getting in there to figure out what happened to her sister after she had committed suicide. Everything goes to plan until the group's numbers slowly start dwindling and they realize there's a killer amidst them in the school. This obviously changes her plans and everyone attempts to survive while figuring out who's causing all of this. It's an interesting murder mystery of sorts with multiple layers of story and some surprise twists along the way. You're never quite sure what exactly is going to happen and that was nice. There's also whole back story that develops from the different perspectives of the group which came together really well despite the event taking place over a short period of time.

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I mostly enjoyed the style of which the film was shot in as the scenes looked great and the mixture of comic strip portions worked well with the live action. These were brief in appearances, but created a unique style for the film and I liked the many other creative shots that were placed throughout the film. The deaths were also rather creative offering a wide range of ways in which various characters met their gruesome demise. I found the acting to be good and the crazy lengths of which Hanratty's character went to for the truth were well captured.

The Conclusion

Bad Kids of Crestview Academy was generally enjoyable offering a grim series of deaths in a story that had great surprises along the way. The cast was great each bringing something different to the story while developing the truth behind what really happened to Siouxsie's sister. While the group was solid I felt maybe an additional key player in the group might have helped expand things out a bit as despite there being a wide range of deaths, not every character was essential to the story. It also got a bit odd towards the ending though still a decent surprise as I hadn't at all predicted how it would open up.

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Rating Overall: 7.2

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