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Bornless Ones Review

Bornless Ones is a horror film based around a group that stay at a cabin while waiting to transfer one of their members Zach (Michael Johnston) that has cerebral palsy to a facility for better treatment. As everyone settles in and enjoys a wild night of celebration of their current location some mystical beings contact Zach promising to fix him in exchange for some fun. Everything is calm as Zach suddenly starts to get better, but for everyone else things take an immediate dive. Ghost like forms haunt the outside of their cabin snatching anyone that visits, their phones get burned and each of them start either having visions or getting possessed. This causes panic between the group and not a good time for anyone. I quite liked how the movie dealt with everyone losing the ability to get help and the way in which it broke everyone down. It might have been nice to have a couple more in the group to spread out the events, but the intimate scene did create more emotional effect on each of the group.

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There were some great effects in regards to the ghost like creatures and the general look of the creatures when they took over people. The gore was fantastic looking very real and there was a good selection of injuries that kept it fresh. With the smaller group being present they did have to re-use characters at times which took away a proper sense of what was happening. There also wasn't enough urgency in some of them despite events and at times the actors were too calm. I also felt it could have been shot a bit fancier as some angles felt a bit off in scenes.

The Conclusion

This is a solid horror film that provides some chilling scenes and great creativity with its gore. The cast was decent in their roles and dealing with their own injuries, yet a group there should have been better panic. I also found the story to be rather interesting and the concept for why these creatures were doing their thing felt right. It was also explored well and I didn't have any issues understanding the motives. Bornless Ones will definitely provide some chills, great gore and a wild cabin night of fun death.

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Rating Overall: 6.7

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