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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter picks up following the events of the last movie to show us the absolute destruction of The White House where the final stand took place. The silence is broken by a lone Alice (Milla Jovovich) walking through the wastes of the battle. It was apparently all a trap and while none of it is explained, the Red Queen (Ever Anderson) calls upon Alice to save what's left of humanity. There's a cure for the T-Virus though she'll need to head back to The Hive in Raccoon City to take it from the Umbrella Corporation. It's actually an epic journey as she makes her way to the city dealing with a number of deadly knock outs, traps and people generally getting in her way. They did a wonderful job of tying everything together nicely and adding a necessary back story to fill in any missing gaps. It's a nice way to end everything and definitely a satisfying conclusion to this more fun oriented series. This was actually the best of entire franchise as it not only brought improved action, but also a decent story and some actual horror elements.

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One of the issues with the series has been its action push that has moved horror to the side which was a staple of the original Resident Evil game series. It was nice to see them focus towards having some horror elements aside from just being an action flick this time around. This brought many gruesome scenes with some great CGI and while not perfect there was some fantastic quality. There were massive hordes of realistic zombies, horrifying monstrosities and some creative uses of environments. The world looked perfect as a dystopian hell fully exploring the destruction of humanity to bring in a grand scale to things while also providing intimate scenes in smaller locations. It was creative, fun action that was pieced together in an exciting way. The 3D was also great not having any silly gimmicks and instead creating a proper sense of depth in the film, I also had the benefit of the DBox seats where you feel the action with that being great. The acting was also performed well in this one as everyone took it seriously with Jovovich once again commanding the role, but Dr Isaacs (Iain Glen) was just as compelling as the head of Umbrella.

The Conclusion

Resident Evil: The Final Stand is definitely the best of the series providing a solid story to tie everything together while also providing solid action and elements of horror. Despite perfectly ending everything I'd love to see more for whatever reason as it actually was an enjoyable film. The acting was great here, the CGI looked real with high levels of gruesome gore and the world felt very dead. I would have liked to see the big battle that was hinted for the start of the film and to see what happened to the rest of the iconic Resident Evil characters though they might have taken away from the more intimate ending to Alice's epic journey.

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Review for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter at Theater with 3D AVX DBox Viewing

Rating Overall: 7.5

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