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Power Rangers Review

Power Rangers is a reboot of Haim Saban’s action packed TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, directed by Dean Israelite. Power Rangers is a coming of age film, with an all-star cast: Dacre Montgomery (Jason), Naomi Scott (Kimberley), RJ Cyler (Billy), Ludi Lin (Zach), Becky G. (Trini) as your five Power rangers. The movie starts off following the high schools star quarterback Jason and his friends stealing the other team’s mascot the night before the big football game.

That quickly leads to a big mistake which lands Jason under house arrest and needing to attend detention regularly. While in detention Jason meets the soon to be Blue ranger Billy and became friends almost instantly. Billy convinces Jason go with him to a mine in the middle of the night, where they come across Kimberley, Zach, and Trini, together they find the power coins that make them the Power Rangers. On their journey to becoming the Rangers they find an ancient spaceship ran by ALPHA-5 and his master Zordon (Bryan Cranston). Zordon tells them about the threat of Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) which is coming soon. Now the Power Ranger must band together to defeat the threat that’s going to not only destroy their town but the entire planet.

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The film was put together well, enjoyable and full of nostalgia. Still, it rather cheesy at some parts and could use a few fixes but could have been much worse for wear. One example is when they wear their suits the lips on the helmets do not move so they bob their heads to show who’s talking. However, the film does a lot of things right, the CGI in the film was spectacular so you could hardly tell it was fake. The chemistry of the all the actors fit in so well together, it seemed like they weren’t acting but were friends learning to become Power Rangers. The movie was slow to get things started but once it got going but picked up and stayed good. The action scenes were great and they developed very well over the course of the film. Israelite did a great job throwing in some quick wit to get the audience laughing.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Power Rangers was a great coming of age movie. With a few good and quick laughs Power Rangers keeps the audience engaged through the slow build up so they can get to the climax of the movie. Even with a few snags and bumps along the way, the film turns out well. The amount of nostalgia in this reboot will make a Power Ranger fan jump for joy and cheer in the theatre. The action-packed Power Rangers from the brilliant mind of Sabin is a great and entertaining way to spend a couple hours in the theatre.

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Review for Power Rangers at Theater with Standard Viewing

Rating Overall: 5.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey