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The Boss Baby Review

The Boss Baby is the new animated movie from DreamWorks Animation. Boss Baby is loosely based on the book of the same name written by Marla Frazee. The movie features the voices of a very talented cast including Alec Baldwin as the Boss Baby, Steve Buscemi as the villain Francis Francis, Toby Maguire as Tim and the narrator. Boss Baby is the tale of the youngest boss baby at baby co. trying to get a promotion. He gets assigned to a house with an only child Tim. Like any only child, Tim does not get along with this new addition to his life. After discovering boss baby’s real reason for being there, the two decide to partner up to discover the secret motives that the CEO of Puppy co. is hiding from the world.

The plot to Boss Baby was not put together well, things would never happen how they did. The whole babies never age thing is a good idea, but the film didn’t deliver on the subject well. Comparing the children book to the film adaption is a tough thing to do, the book doesn’t have a lot of material to dig from. It felt like the movie tried to stretch this content out just to make the movie hit the hour and a half mark. With that in consideration the film was rather enjoyable and kept the audience entertained for the whole duration of the film. Although Boss Baby is a movie aimed at children, DreamWorks tried to put in enough adult humor to keep the parents interested instead of just sitting through another cartoon just for their kids, unfortunately it didn’t work.

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The animation was top notch just like any other DreamWorks production, the voice acting fit in well. Nothing was wrong with the animation in any regard. Even just from hearing the voice acting, you can see how talented the cast is in the film. Baldwin and Maguire play brothers great, making it sound like real brothers. The chemistry between all the voice actors was excellent. It sounds like everyone had a fun time recording for this movie.

The Conclusion

Boss Baby is a fun, cute movie built for the family. Throw in some joke for the parents and it’ll be a hit for sure. But as for a well put together movie it’s lacking in content and in plot. Boss Baby has an all-star cast, but the cast alone is not enough to make the movie a success. If you have small children in your life, it’ll be worth it to sit through the what feels like forever in this hour and a half long film made just for the kids.

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Rating Overall: 4.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey