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Deadpool Review

Deadpool is a movie I honestly thought would never be created, he's one of the more strange and out there heroes so most of the time these sort of characters are just left at the sidelines. Luckily for us the studios have started to take chances on bringing a wider cast of characters to movies and I'm quite thankful for Deadpool. The character himself is definitely one of the most unique out there being a man that's basically being killed by cancer as fast as he's healing causing ugly scarring across the body and he can also break the fourth wall. This will be very odd for people since this amazing character can just talk to the audience or make jokes towards viewers at any point which works well. Many were worried about how much this would come into effect though I feel strongly that they walked the line well and it was balanced without being too in your face. I had a great feeling about this one and only a few brief moments into the film I was sure that it was going to be entertaining. It opens with this crazy frozen time moment scrolling out credits that just make fun of regular movie credits and then hops into things. This was a great start for the film and it was better than what I had anticipated of them knocking out the quick origin story. They took the smarter route of threading it into the current action and this was a better way of handling it though I still felt that portion was a tad long.

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For those unaware this is a very graphic and mature title though for some reason I still expected it to be amped up a bit more. Sure there was some nudity, sex and tons of violence yet I was still expecting more. Not to say that I was disappointed as the film did meet my expectations, I had just anticipated something more in that regard. The story was somewhat typical for super hero films though it did go out of its way to make him come across as a much more badass and careless hero. It still retained the elements of the origin story, love interest being taken and the hero taking out a lot of enemies along the way. In this venture Deadpool was mostly alone aside from his funny barkeeping friend Weasel (T.J. Miller) and the two X-Men that were dragged along to help him. The first of these characters was Negasonic Teenage Warhead (awesome name, played by Brianna Hildebrand) which was meant to be the typical young bad girl and good old Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic). While it would have been nice to see more X-Men show up the movie explains that well and I hope for a sequel we might see some of his more classic friends. Deadpool was of course played by Ryan Reynolds and he rocked the roll, it was almost as though he was meant to play Deadpool. It also helps that he's a huge fan of the character and has been campaigning for this movie for quite awhile.

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The Conclusion

Deadpool was everything I had hoped for in a Deadpool movie and even with a bit more. The largest aspect for me at least was the levels of comedy present and the mature themes which the movie successfully displayed with great reaction from me along with the audience of the viewing. It's a super hero movie that has the same themes you know with just a tad less care and more sass to it. Ryan Reynolds truly embraces this role to bring us a really exciting character and a good time. It's a very funny movie that breaks just enough of the fourth wall and completely embraces a mature style of super hero that we haven't seen enough of at this point. If you're a fan of the character you won't be disappointed and for others it's still a very entertaining film.

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Review for Deadpool at Theater with Dolby Atmos Viewing

Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner