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The X-Files Season 10 Review


The X-Files is one of the most iconic shows of all time bringing with it a sense of mystery and a hunt for the truth. With that we're already at the finale for Season 10 which is a special shortened event that's come together after a very long time away. It's been an exciting season that's been hopefully building towards future seasons, but for now I'm just enjoying having the show back. The focus of this six episode season has been the discovery of the truth and what everything in the entire the series has been building towards. At the two part season opener things started a tad slow, but that was to set things up and go over what has happened during the break in time. Things in the show move at the same pace as current time and everything was updated to that point. I thought both of those set a good base for the show and an overall arch for the season. The next three episodes somewhat abandoned this premise to become separate entities which were great with small teases towards what was going on. In the final episode everything went crazy and pace was pure insanity as everything began to unravel.

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The Conclusion

The X-Files did a lot of new things this season taking some shots at covering recent topics of conversation like sleeper cells of terrorists in one of the weaker episodes. We also got some of the best TV I've ever watched with the backwards lizard man and band aid garbage man. The lizard episode was just downright hilarious while the garbage man was more dramatic with a horror twist to it as well which was grand. The series also introduced a younger set of agents with too many similarities to the leads Scully and Mulder which was fine, I just hope they aren't attempting a silly pass the torch maneuver. They also did a great job of fitting in many references to the show and bringing back everyone they could which was well appreciated. There was also another neat focus on their child with both of them thinking heavily about it with a stronger mention in the final episode. The show was also left at one of the worst cliff-hangers of all time so I do hope things do get to continue as it was direst of situations. The world was left on hinges, Scully had a huge realization and Mulder was barely holding on. This season was fantastic despite a couple slower episodes at the start, but the strongest episodes were some of the best in the series and the show.

Review for The X-Files Season 10 on TV

Rating Overall: 8.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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