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The End of the F**king World Season 1 Review

The End of the F**king World is a great Netflix Original series that follows two individuals that are both really odd in their goal of running away. It starts fast and ends quickly being an easy binge with the whole thing coming in at around two and a half hours in length. It's episodic yet easy to watch as a streamlined sort of movie experience. The whole thing is rather interesting having a stellar mix of comedy, dramatic elements and two really messed up people trying to find something better. It's also very much an on the run type of tale as that tends to happen when people go missing. The narrative was easy to follow and I found myself completely drawn in while viewing it.

The core of the series here really is the two leads and they carry it. Alyssa (Jessica Barden) and James (Alex Lawther) were excellent being rather creepy as well. James is a self-diagnosed psychopath and has always wanted to kill someone. He happens upon Alyssa and decides that she might be someone fun to kill. The two hit it off from there and go on a series of wild adventures discovering the country around them. They happen across random regular folks along the way, the police and deal with their issue filled families. Both give excellent performances here and really make the whole series work.
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The show is beautifully well shot with some stunning scenes. Each portion was moving, rather gritty and well presented. It felt natural, as if this sort of event was something that could possibly happen. There was a nice sense of progression as well across the journey as you could see a change from a modern society to one that was more free towards the country. The journey was charming, funny and something that was special to view. There was a nice balance of comedic aspects mixed with the dramatic while never going too over the top with anything. The circumstances were unique, yet the moments were balanced always coming together in a satisfying way. It was a smooth viewing and just a rather pleasant time.

The Conclusion

The End of the F**king World was great, it was an easy and enjoyable viewing. While definitely short, it felt like a complete season covering all the important details and concluding in a rather intense way. It's got some level of unpredictability to it with some fascinating twists along the way. The acting was fantastic with a perfect level of quiet wit amongst the main characters. There were balanced levels of hilarity and dramatic delivery. It had some rather intense moments and visceral scenes with a rather adult tone for how it was all presented. It really never held back on any aspects of the runaway scene and generally a truly enjoyable adventure.

The End of the F**king World Season 1 Review at Home with Streamed Viewing

Rating Overall: 8.4

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