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Supercon Review

Supercon isn't a good movie, it's really bad. It's basically a series of random jokes that don't land while mostly just being offensive. There are some familiar faces sprinkled throughout and it does somewhat capture the essence of the conventions. I suppose it aims to be somewhat like Galaxy Quest minus the intrigue, adventure or excitement. The first portion of the film is slow, it takes forever to get going and goes a tad far in regards to painting a negative picture of the antagonist.

The next part could be more exciting, instead it's a bland boring heist with no stakes. There's not really any creativity to it with some very over the top crude moments that seemed to last forever. The acting wasn't very good and the characters weren't very dynamic. It sort of just went along for one terribly disappointing time. The idea might not be too bad, yet the way it was presented is awful.
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There wasn't much quality to anything with shots being alright and nothing special. Everything was intimate in scope so don't expect anything too grand. It was fun to see some of the side cosplay, but everything else was rather silly yet not in an endearing way. Even the apparently uplifting moments weren't handled well and there really wasn't much to this. There were a number of times where characters would have a fit and these stretched on forever.

The Conclusion

There's not much to say about Supercon, it's bad and not at all funny. It doesn't hit any of the comedic notes with a strangely decent cast that doesn't seem to care that they're there. This was just a weird film with potential in the concept of it. The heist wasn't interesting, didn't seem dangerous and took forever to get rolling. The first portion went on forever and really it would just be worthwhile to throw out everything about this and start fresh. It's a convention based heist idea where a group of artists take money because they don't like their treatment or something like that. They're probably just as bad as those that make the big money, at least that's what I saw.

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Rating Overall: 1.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner