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Super Troopers 2 Review

In the era of random decade later sequels, we have Super Troopers 2 which aims to bring the original troop back and give them a new purpose. This time around there's a situation where a part of Canada is set to be integrated into the United States. This squad has been sent in to deal with the transition and a lot of the jokes are focused on that. It's a mix of fun comedy and some almost insulting commentary perhaps. I'm not sure how I felt about all aspects of it, though as a Canadian many elements were well done and hit their mark.

That being said, I'm not sure how the comedy would translate States' side. It really is that original crew on a new mission and if you liked the original this will feel familiar. There's a sense of conflict as the team deals with a local Mountie unit and a mystery surrounding the area. It's not the strongest of narratives, but few comedies feature that element. There are still some surprises along the way and most of the hilarity does hit. The squad is back in full form and they easily get into their old roles quite well.
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The acting was fine, everyone really gets into their roles whether that's on the Canadian side or the core troop. They had some easy areas to make extra laughs as they compare core differences between the two countries and the situation of the invading Americans. Some highlights were them dealing directly with the change as they tweaked signs and worked some patrols. It looked fine throughout, yet they could have spent a tad more time showing off the larger area as everything was really focused set and scale wise. The antics were fun and they don't hold back on any moments. There were some shockingly fun spots, other aspects that had a bit of cringe and it was very raunchy. While many jokes were delivered on the spot, they did also sneak some in for a longer period of time resulting in some pay-off.

The Conclusion

There wasn't much to Super Troopers 2, but it delivers on the laughs and does feel familiar for fans of the original. Most of the jokes felt fresh despite the almost recycled story content, the new location does help make it have a different tone however. The Canadian elements were, for the most part funny as a Canadian though I am curious if other regions would get a similar feeling when viewing it. It really works up all the old classic things to jab about Canada, but it also does its fair share the other way as well. The story wasn't anything special though you might be surprised with some of the twists along the way with a fair effort at attempting to get a proper narrative going on behind the comedic aspects.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner