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The Jurassic Dead Review

The Jurassic Dead is rather awful and that's being relatively kind in regards to this type of film. I suppose the general narrative is fine, it's just the way it's presented that is absolutely dreadful. The setting is basically some sort of blast event that has two groups end up together in a secretive bunker. This is after a small setup where a mad scientist is hit by a car, it plays into things and I won't spoil this grand time.

Anyways, from there it turns into I suppose an attempted horror atmosphere with darker halls and beyond over the top situations. There are times when people directly punch out possessed dinosaurs, there are zombie people as well. It's weird, strangely the zombie people look fine. If you want to experience something ridiculous, it also covers that quite well.
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What's weird here and something that bothers me to the max, is the excessive use of CGI. It's just everywhere and in places where it doesn't make any sense. I haven't the faintest idea why someone would layer so much truly pathetic attempts at CGI everywhere. My favorite moments of CGI were a door crumbling majestically, almost every backdrop and the gun fire. I will say the dinosaurs were somewhat well handled using good perspective shots, but nothing amazing. The acting is abysmal from everyone involved, no saving graces there. Most of the film was just silly and it was very short, which I guess saves me some of my life.

The Conclusion

The Jurassic Dead is awful, it looks bad with the worst CGI I've ever seen and furthermore completely dreadful acting. I don't know why CGI is used in every scene, I don't know why they added weird effects to every scene. Since I didn't mention those prior, they do so many weird visual tweaks which felt vomit inducing. The plot was semi-fine if I'm being kind, what they did with the dinosaurs was alright. If you want something that's purely stupid that it might be funny, I guess this could fill that niche. I thought it was plainly stupid, and a highlight on the reel of worst films I've ever seen. I suppose the Duke Nukem copy was fine, I'll give them that.

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Rating Overall: 1.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner