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Top 10 Modern Movies with the Best Replay Value

Here are 10 modern movies with the best replay value for the ones you could watch over and over without stopping. This list has a good combination of well known and perhaps some less known movies. Hopefully there's a good selection and mix of movies that you come across one that you haven't seen before. The list isn't in a particular ranking as these are some of my favorites films and it would be rather difficult to give them all rankings. Each is definitely one that I like to watch multiple times or even have been told by other writers here that they watch far too much.

#10: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim is absolutely incredible, it's got an amazing cast from when they were younger and its a great story. Not only that, but the style of mixing comic and game into a movie that works is a beautiful thing to see. Top this all off with a kick ass soundtrack and you've got one stellar movie.

#9: Zoolander

Not to be mistaken with its terrible sequel, Zoolander is a definite classic about dumb models and an assassination. It's just the best kind of stupid with characters that go all in on it. The combination of Stiller and Wilson is perfect as they battle it out as the top models in the business.

#8: The Grand Budapest

This is actually my all-time favorite movie being dramatic, yet very much a comedy. It's one of Wes Anderson's best and provides such an entertaining tale. It follows a concierge and his lobby boy as they deal with the murder of a close friend with the wild adventure that follows. It's lovely to look at, is filled with laughs and carries a completely unique style of film. I won't give too many details away, but its well worth a watch.

La La Land Wallpaper Dancing

#7: La La Land

I've learned in the last couple years that I adore musicals for whatever reason and La La Land is so much more than just the average movie. It not only carries charming unique music, it brings a smile to all that have watched it along with sorrow as the dramatic elements make you feel. I've enjoyed watching this multiple times and will continue to for a very long time.

#6: Tropic Thunder

I'm not sure any other movie gets the laughs going so fast as even from the fake out trailers, it brings the comedy. Tropic Thunder is a somewhat mockery of producing a movie as this squad of completely broken actors attempts to film a war movie. What happens instead is the troop gets sent into the real deal without knowledge of it not being an act. The cast is basically an all-star ensemble with some characters in roles that would surprise you.

#5: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is such an easy movie to watch and one that definitely surprised everyone when it released. The Joker was haunting with his goal of pure chaos whereas the Batman just attempts to keep a failing city together throughout the mess. Not much to say about this one as it's a Batman film with everyone's favorite take on The Joker.

Deadpool Wallpaper Guns Ready

#4: Deadpool

Just call me angel... Deadpool exceeded all expectations dawning the era of mature super hero movies and just didn't give a damn. The soundtrack was kicking, Deadpool was breaking all sorts of walls and it was funny. Who knew that this violent character could be pulled off so perfectly and most of those props go to Ryan Reynolds for bringing Deadpool to life.

#3: The Other Guys

While The Other Guys might not be in the league of the other films, I love watching it for some reason. Nothing is taken seriously and it's just an easy viewing. There's a good set of laughs, a decent plot and fun silliness. The combination of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg carries the movie.

#2: Zombieland

It's just a group of messed up people trying to survive the apocalypse and have a bit of fun along the way. There are some rules and quite the cast that come together for a great time. There are no names in this world, only destinations and one man's quest to find a Twinkie. It's quite the graphic zombie comedy and it works, every time.

#1: Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is an easy choice for my final mention as you can always notice something new when you watch it. The comedic parts work well in what's mostly a dark drama about a sergeant getting used to rural policing. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost absolutely rock the police duo that deal with a series of murders and a suspicious group of town folk in a plot that is too clever.

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