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Top 10 Movie Cameos Playing Themselves

While cameos are always fun to see in films, an even better situation is when an actor or famous individual arrives to play themselves. The list is in no particularly ranked order presenting ten great situations in movies. These are grand moments to recall or perhaps learn about as they might not necessarily be boldly shown. Sit back, get ready to see the top 10 movie cameos playing themselves.

#10: Bob Barker (Happy Gilmore)

An epic battle, Barker shows that he can still swing it and that his price is always right. This hilarious segment helps make Happy Gilmore a special look at the sport of Golf.

#9: Eminem (The Interview)

With all the news about this film and the issues around it, I never saw this moment coming. It's right at the start and a hilarious way to get going as Eminem exits the closet in the strangest of ways. While what he says is great, it's the background context of what's going on that really delivers.

#8: Tom Cruise (Austin Powers in Goldmember)

Being a grand opening there are many high class actors brought in for just a minute or so to get the film rolling. Tom Cruise was a next level addition that was not something to be predicted.
Zombieland Bill Murray

#7: John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich)

This whole film is rather odd, but the person at the center of it makes this one. The entire experience is a look at Being John Malkovich and it's quite something to see how he freaks out.

#6: Topher Grace (Oceans Eleven)

This one is great not for the actor showing up, but the great moment as he's being left behind at the start. To see two high class actors get ignored while Grace gets swarmed is just awesome.

#5: Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Airplane)

I'm not sure many will still get this, but it still is hilarious regardless. Basically this guy is a pilot on the airplane and the kid remembers him from watching the NBA. "I think he's the greatest, but my dad says he doesn't work hard enough on defense. And he says that lots of times, he doesn't even run down court. And that he doesn't really try, except during the playoffs."

#4: Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool 2)

This was some Inception level appearance as Deadpool goes Back to the Future to correct the time lines by eliminating himself with the Green Lantern script. No one could have saw this coming in those after credits, amazing and you're welcome Canada.

#3: David Hasselhoff (Spongebob Movie)

As a kid this appearance was surprising for sure and welcomed. It's quite the animated movie and I still think this is one distinct appearance considering it's a mix of live action with cartoon. Right near the end and at the heroic point.

#2: Michael Cera (This is the End)

What a truly bizarre and hilarious use of Michael Cera. He plays it up for sure, but this one was one wild and funny presentation. With all the great real people cameos in this film, this one does stand out. It's right at the start.

#1: Bill Murray (Zombieland)

While I certainly love this film, the first time around I was absolutely shocked by this cameo. I didn't see it coming at all and the entire portion is truly a highlight of the entire movie. He comes in with a riot of laughs and exits even better.

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