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Top 10 Movies of 2016

2016 was a decent movie year though 2017 does look much brighter considering the long list of anticipated films. With that I'm looking at my favorite 2016 films that released throughout the year that I watched and thoroughly enjoyed. They might not all be the highest rated movies, but ones I'll be sure to watch years from now. That aside, we started reviewing movies in the second quarter of 2016 and expect to do an awards in 2017 since we'll have covered the full so for now enjoy the top 10 movies of 2016.

#10: The Conjuring 2

The first Conjuring is probably my favorite horror film as it was just absolutely chilling and the sequel continues this terrifying streak. The same group of hunters for the unknown get called out once again to a beautiful time piece London in order to solve the dark matters that haunt this poor family. It's actually a great film and for the horror lovers out there, I'm sure you'll find this one to be great.

The Conjuring 2 Wallpaper

#9: Star Trek Beyond

I really enjoyed this latest Star Trek film that went slightly towards having more action while also moving the current series forward. It brought a nice balance between having some sense of exploration since they head towards uncharted space while also balancing a great sense of comedy and adding new characters. It also has what I would only assume is the best use of The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" in a movie ever.

Star Trek Beyond Wallpaper

#8: Doctor Strange

If you're a Marvel fan this is another solid entry into the universe and even if you're not this movie is sure to be a splendid experience. Doctor Strange is an odd character and it's amazing to even see being explored on the big screen. That aside this film was also the first magical Marvel movie in that it explored dimensions and this brought a colorful Inception type feel to it. The cloak is also great.

Doctor Strange Cloak Wallpaper

#7: Deadpool

I wasn't exactly sure what to think going into the film, I had high hopes as Deadpool is a great character though the movie did have troubled development. I'd say it was certainly a success just a few minutes in as it was not only hilarious, but also just as graphic as I had hoped it would be. Ryan Reynolds was a huge part of this as well bringing Deadpool to life perfectly and just rocking this crazy anti-hero.

Deadpool Taxi Wallpaper

#6: The Nice Guys

This one was a pleasant surprise providing a great time piece while also being an intriguing mystery. The leads also worked really well together having some funny jokes and many hilarious scenes mostly done in the number of mistakes that happened while they attempted to investigate. It's definitely worth checking out and was quite the surprise this last year, deserved a better showing than it got as it would have been nice to see some sequels with the group.

The Nice Guys Wallpaper

#5: Hail, Caesar!

I'm not sure how anyone could have hated Hail, Caesar! as it would such a fascinating and well done movie. It had a bit of everything in it while it fabled a crazy day for the studio head. There was a huge list of big name actors in it while also perfectly capturing a golden time in Hollywood. It was also very funny and had a wild story that wasn't easy to predict.

Hail, Caesar! Wallpaper

#4: Zootopia

I hadn't actually watched any animated films for quite a few years as none really interested me and even then I reluctantly viewed Zootopia at my sister's constant requests. I was amazed by not only the quality of modern animation, but also the depth of the story and the great characters. Zootopia was absolutely fantastic and have viewed a couple not as good, though still decent animated movies since because of it.

Zootopia Wallpaper

#3: Captain America: Civil War

Civil War was basically an Avengers 2.5 film as it included almost every big name from the universe thus far while Tony Stark just stole the show. This was also well done creating a high level of stakes while introducing new heroes and setting up the massive future events that are to come. Both sides had a face to you could rally behind and due to the years of building the events truly mattered which is something few other movie franchises have achieved.

Captain America: Civil War Wallpaper

#2: Arrival

Arrival was another great surprise as I had no idea the film was coming out until right before it released in theaters and it was outstanding. It was not only gripping by creating tension, the general concept was also so simple and the ideas explored were wonderful. I was certainly blown away by the film and it also did a great job in keeping you guessing the entire way through as I never was sure where it would go.

Arrival Ships Wallpaper

#1: La La Land

La La Land was clearly the best film of the year and one of the best musicals of all time. It was an absolute masterpiece that carried an emotional story that wasn't just filled with happy thoughts in opposition to that of which the tunes did. The leads were both stellar in their performances and the original songs were fantastic.

La La Land Dancing Wallpaper

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