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Top 10 Movies of 2017

It was a great year for movies with so many incredible releases arriving throughout the entirety of the calendar. Working from that, across the many genres we compiled a list of the best featuring a wide selection of titles for the movies that we most enjoyed. These are definitely the best of what we saw in terms of quality and even just generally the time we spent watching them. Keep in mind that everyone's list is different and that these are a mix of quality and pure entertainment value. Sure, other movies should have probably made the list, but these are all films that we truly did enjoy viewing. With that, here are our top 10 Movies of 2017.

#10: The LEGO Batman Movie

With what is probably one of the best takes on both sides of the Batman, this LEGO take is hilarious. It's also rather dark, has strong themes and brings ever so many villains together at once. It may not be perfect, but animation wise it's glorious and just a pleasure to watch. The film also strangely dives far into the relationship between Batman and the Joker.

#9: Baby Driver

Living by the beat, Baby Driver is a great movie with intense action and likable characters. Enjoy some insane car stunts, smooth movement tracked by music and a rather intriguing key issue with the lead character. It's well shot, an exciting journey and something that's completely unique.

#8: Thor: Ragnarok

While the comedy did cut into the serious elements of this rather dark film, this third Thor is the character's best entry yet. It embraces the wild side of Marvel's space universe bringing us just enough of Planet Hulk. It all works together perfectly while again giving so many laughs and intense action.

Okja Still

#7: Okja

Okja has some really dark themes to it looking towards the treatment and farming of animals. To the side of that is a charming story of this young girl that's just trying to save her massive special animal friend. This sends her across the globe in chases while getting mixed in with terrible people.

#6: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I thought this was the perfect Star Wars film, the visuals and themes it presented were beautiful. Aside from gorgeous scenes, the concept of failure was a big deal in it as well as a continued build on hope. The entire thing was set as a story of desperation as the Rebels were just purely attempting to escape in any way they could.

#5: Lady Bird

A really special film, Lady Bird is a completely different sort of experience focusing on two close and bound individuals. It's very much a coming of age sort of film where the lead goes through life trying new things and eventually finding some sort of meaning from it all.

Bladerunner 2049 Still

#4: It

I had hopes for It, but I never thought it would be as good as it was. There's some sort of special bonus for having such a young cast nail their roles so well. The effects, the ever creepy clown and the way it all came together was perfect. It was chilling, yet somehow balanced the right way with laughs and it was just an easy watch.

#3: Logan

Some may say it's just because this is some sort of ending of an era, but I feel there's so much more to it. This is an incredibly sorrowing tale of a man that has lost faith in life and is just going through another day. Things are bad in the X-Men universe and it's only the appearance of a young girl that re-ignites some sort of passion in life for the tired Old Man Logan.

#2: Dunkirk

A story conveyed through emotion and tension, Dunkirk is incredible. It's large in scale while following a few perspectives and tying them altogether perfectly. The film is gorgeous, you feel completely tense in almost every scene and it's a different sort of war film. There's no glory here, but just a large group of people hoping to escape a crawling death.

#1: Blade Runner 2049

A spectacle of film and legend, Blade Runner 2049 was a masterpiece. It provides a deep and thoughtful look at humanity while faithfully pushing forward a narrative of the past. Each scene is absolutely stunning with so many smaller details helping to provide extra detail to every little experience. It's mysterious, exciting and demands attention with the strikingly beautiful world it creates.

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