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Top 10 Stan Lee Cameos

A staple of Marvel films at this point is waiting for the moment that Stan Lee shows up with some sort of hilarious cameo. Featured in basically all of them in some way or another Stan Lee has had a profound impact on the movies and basically the comics of which the source material comes from. Here are is ten best cameo appearances ranked along with videos below them which I felt was easier, sorry for the quality on some as I did the best I could with what Youtube had to offer.

#10: Spiderman

To start off our list we have Spiderman 3 where Stan Lee has a great discussion with Peter Parker where he says that one person can make a difference, nuff said! Additionally I didn't add any of his other Raimi Spiderman appearances though he's saving people in both of the other ones if you didn't know. Starts at 2:15 or click here for it on Youtube

#9: Guardians of the Galaxy

Just before the opening chase scene where all the guardians meet up Rocket takes a look up to see an old man with some young ladies which prompts him to make a funny comment on the scenario before heading after Star Lord. Starts at 7:23 or click here for it on Youtube

#8: The Incredible Hulk

A brief yet quite hilarious cameo where Stan Lee happens to drink a soda bottle which happened to have some of Bruce Banners blood spilled into it causing him to get gamma radiation sickness.

#7: Hulk (2003)

Stan Lee shows up as a security guard in this original Hulk movie that was sort of awful though it's neat to see him in this role and even better he was with Lou Ferrigno you played the Hulk on a TV show way back in the day

#6: X-Men: The Last Stand

In this one Stan is witness to Jean Grey unleashing her powers as the entire neighborhood essentially starts floating and Stan is in amazement as the hose he's using to water has the liquid float up into the air.

#5: Iron Man

In the original Iron Man, the film that really launched this whole Marvel universe Stan Lee is standing outside one of Tony Stark's parties and is mistaken for Hugh Hefner. In the second film he's mistaken for Larry King and the third he's judging a beauty pagent, thought I should mention those as well. Starts at 3:08 or click here for it on Youtube

#4: Thor

This was great, basically Thor's Mjolnir (hammer) is stuck on Earth and Stan Lee is attempting to pull it out of the ground by attaching it to his pick up truck and driving away. The results are basically what you would expect. Starts at 4:01 or click here for it on Youtube

#3: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Stan Lee is seen here attempting to get into the wedding for Reed Richard and Susan Storm as himself though sadly he's not on the guest list. He also appears in the first movie as a mail man. Starts at 2:44 or click here for it on Youtube

#2: Age of Ultron

This one was fantastic, at the big Avenger's party where everyone's having a good time Thor brings out some special drink from which Stan Lee says he can handle. The results were him being carried out while mumbling.

#1: The Amazing Spiderman

This is the best scene for many reasons, the first being the comedy and the second being that this was a really well done fight section. This of course has Stan Lee being a librarion listening to music while The Lizard and Spiderman fight it out around him.

What do you think of the list I've compiled? Does it match your dream list of the best cameos. Will also give mention to the fairly good Ant-Man appearance among others that I didn't include. I as well as many others look forward to future cameos from Stan Lee and will update this list over time to reflect that.

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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