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Top 10 Strangest Movie Cameos

Here are 10 strange movie cameos during films. This list is in no ranked order and really does include some minor roles that actors have played within films where they got only a small tease. Think of it as these actors mostly being fans or knowing someone and thinking, why not hop in for a quick scene. Hopefully there are some you didn't know about or perhaps will be interested in looking for the next time you watch any of the list films. This list should also be spoiler free. This is the top 10 strangest movie cameos with a precise collection.

#10: Inglourious Basterds (Mike Myers)

Mike Myers is shown explaining the mission to Michael Fassbender's character. It's the scene that includes Winston Churchill.

#9: The Nice Guys (Robert Downey Jr)

He plays dead porn director that Ryan Gosling's character literally stumbles by during their special night party portion of the investigation.

#8: Spy Kids 3D (Elijah Wood)

He's "The Guy" which is a legendary individual within the virtual world. It's brief, he's confident, talks it up for a couple minutes and then quickly disappears as fast as he arrives.

The Nice Guys Robert Downey Jr

#7: Hot Fuzz (Cate Blanchett)

You see her briefly in a forensic suit near the start of the film. It's where Simong Pegg's character says his good byes before moving to the countryside..

#6: Men in Black II (Michael Jackson)

As Agent M, Jackson's character has a brief appearance. Apparently he was a big fan of the first one and personally asked to be included at least in a minor role for any sequels.

#5: Night at the Museum 3 (Hugh Jackman)

Randomly towards the end of the film the crew ends up running through a play where Hugh Jackman is performing, he even gets all Wolverine-like which was actually hilarious and very unexpected.

Night at the Museum 3 Hugh Jackman

#4: Ocean's Twelve (Bruce Willis)

For the first time this is quite surprising and strange, as Bruce Willis just plays himself running into Julia Roberts playing a look alike of Julia Roberts as the Ocean's crew work on a last ditch heisting effort.

#3: A Million Ways to Die in the West (Jamie Foxx)

As Django, Jamie Foxx comes in to kill someone randomly and has the last line of the film in the after credits.

#2: Ted 2 (Liam Neeson)

A long and random scene where Liam Neeson is out buying Trix at the grocery store that Ted works at. He's very specific about whether Trix are exclusive for kids, there's an end credits scene that reflects this as well.

#1: Stan Lee(The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement)

As a wedding guest near the start Stan Lee is there for a quick joke, very random.

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